This portfolio includes work completed to date in my role as Cataloging, Online & Digital Resources Librarian, and is submitted for review by my Tenure Review Committee at College of San Mateo.

Thank you for taking time to review my work, and participate on my Tenure Review Committee. I value your feedback, and look forward to applying what I learn, as I build my professional skills.

Service Philosophy

Students are the heart of College of San Mateo, and I strive to provide student focused service in all of the work that I do. This means I frame the work I do with the student in mind, and take personal responsibility for making the experience of our students better. This extends to the technical work I do behind the scenes, as well as to activities that support student success such as service provided to faculty, staff, and the larger College of San Mateo community.

Self Assessment (2015-2016)

Self Assessment (2014-2015)